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5 Design Rules That Are Worth Breaking

If you’re up-to-date with all the interior design trends – maximalist interior, Boho chic, and more – you would have realised that there are some rules that you’d have to abide by in order to bring the style to life. Interior design schemes aside, even when decorating your dining table or choosing a sofa, there are many factors to consider in order for your purchase to be an informed one. Although sticking to some of these ground rules can be burdensome when you desperately want to go all out, there is no denying that structure helps with the execution of a design. From choosing a centrepiece that will anchor the room to mixing up shapes and patterns to give the illusion of height, there are a few must-follow rules in interior design – but that’s not what we’re about to cover in this article. For all the interior design rebels who are looking to spice things up in their home by breaking design rules, this one is for you! Find out how breaking the rules can, at times, bring amazing results.

Design Rule to Break #1: Opt for Bright Colours

One of the most popular small house interior design hacks is to opt for a light colour scheme. This is because bright colours will reflect more light. The space will thus open up and appear bigger and airier. Even though this design hack is an age-old classic that has been repeated time and time again by the experts, it is important to understand that it is all an illusion – your home doesn’t become physically bigger just because you painted your walls white, does it?

So, why not break this interior rule and go for bold and dark colours? Even in small spaces, darker hues will evoke a sense of comfort. One recent trend that many homeowners are slowly beginning to appreciate is known as the Jewel Box design. Opting for dark, jewel-toned shades at a new dimension to the space – something that is rarely achieved with light, flat colours. Afraid to go all out? You could always pick a wall or two to add a splash of colour.

Design Rule to Break #2: Perfection is Key

We all know that nothing is perfect. But even in homes, people tend to strive for perfection. Some do so by opting for perfectly symmetrical designs. Although cohesiveness will be a definite result of this arrangement, the interior will probably look flat and boring. Break the rules by opting for mismatched furniture, odd-numbered groupings, and throw in random accents where possible. For example, if you have a blue 2 seater fabric sofa like the ALCOVE, throw in a cognac-coloured leather armchair like the BAUHAUS.                       

The same can be said about how and where furniture is placed – some homeowners assume that a dresser can only be placed in the bedroom, or a TV console should only be in the living room. This is far from the truth. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to furniture placement. The BAROQUE, a modern TV console, can double as a vanity or a bar table – whatever you do with it, nobody will know!

Design Rule to Break #3: Small Space = Small Furniture

WRIGHT | 3 Seater Sofa

There is the common misconception that if you have a small home, the only way to work around it is to install downsized furniture. But 2 seater sofas and small side tables do not always have to be your go-to. Neither should you lose control and buy oversized furniture. Conventionally sized furniture like a 3-seater sofa is a safe choice due to its versatility. At HomestoLife, you can choose from a full range of configurations and upholstery to custom-make a sofa that will fit your small space perfectly. Need an extra seating solution when you have guests over? Then a small yet highly functional footstool is ideal. Compact and clean in their design, footstools can be fitted into any nook in your home and pulled out whenever necessary.

Design Rule to Break #4: Clutter Should be Hidden

Although the ever-popular minimalistic interior design is all about neatness and organisation, having little trinkets strewn all over your home can add some joy and personality. If things get a little too messy, just add in display shelves, and your existing décor will be accentuated instantly.

Design Rule to Break #5: Your Floors & Walls Should be Different

It’s quite rare to find a home that has floors and walls of the same colour. The only time we see this happening is if the walls are white and the floors are marble. A design statement in and of itself, choosing floors and wall colours that match will make things more unique – more so if your furniture matches too! You can always add in a pop of colour through furniture pieces like a customised sofa designed in one of the 200 colour options offered by HomestoLife or a small side table made of a material that contrasts the rest of the colours.

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