Small House Interior Design Hacks

Small House Interior Design Hacks

There is no denying that homes in Singapore have gotten smaller, at least it looks tinier. Many homeowners have to work with the limited space by coming up with innovative ways to make full use of every corner available to them. From sofa beds to extendable dining tables, there are many space saving furniture available in Singapore for your small apartment.

Many rarely take advantage of this array of options and stick to common design rules conjured up to make a small room look expansive when designing their homes. However, beyond making alterations to the space around you by painting your walls a certain colour or installing mirrors, simply picking out the right furniture for your small apartment will be a space saving life changer. In this blog, we cover tips and tricks to consider when purchasing furniture for small houses.

1. Colour Choice

Just like how the colours of our home interior have an impact on the look and feel of the space, the colour of the furniture has an effect too! It is best to go for monochromatic tones. Hues that are simple, neutral, and stays within the same colour scheme will appear lightweight and less bulky. White furniture, for example, will disappear into the background, especially if you have white walls. If you are afraid that an even-toned room will look flat, add texture to the room – the delicate, embossed detail on the Pattern chair is a subtle way of introducing texture.

2. Shapes & Contours

When it comes to living room furniture, the sofa is without a doubt, one of the main pieces – also one that takes up a lot of space. Opt for backless sofas like the Alcove that take up less room or L-shaped sofas that can be pushed to the corner. Furniture with lithe legs, like the Orbital Ceramic modern coffee table, make great additions as they do not occupy too much floor space. Another trick is to choose furniture that are vertical rather than horizontal so that the eyes are drawn upwards.

3. Size & Scale

L-Shaped Sofa

Harmonica | L-Shaped Sofa


Understanding the scale and design of every furniture in a small room is important. Heavy or bulky-looking furniture will overwhelm the space while multiple smaller ones will crowd the area. Therefore, all pieces in the space have to be curated. The key to small house interior design is to downsize on accessories and not the key show-stopping pieces.  

Many homeowners assume that small furniture should be the go-to. However, trim and fit ones will complement the small space better. Choose sofas, like the Harmonica, that has tight upholstery and legs that sit slightly off the ground. If you are looking to occupy less floor space, opt for 3 seater sofas, love seats, or ottomans instead. A small round coffee table also occupies less space than its modern rectangular alternative.

4. Functionality in the Space

Everyone loves a buy one get one free deal. So why not choose multi-functional furniture? At HomesToLife Singapore, we have an extensive range of furniture that serves more than one function. With small study tables doubling as storage space with strategically installed drawers and coffee tables like the Terrace that lifts up to reveal a sneaky compartment to stash away excessive material, finding multi-functional furniture is easy on our online platform.

5. Space Saving Arrangement

 Space Saving Arrangement


At the end of the day, it is all about strategizing the place where the furniture is installed. If you are going for a cosy vibe, then it would make sense to pull all the key furniture pieces close together. If you would like to have an open space in the middle, then push the furniture against the wall, and keep its perimeter clutter-free. 

Not sure if the furniture you’ve viewed is the perfect fit? At HomesToLife Singapore, we offer custom made sofas, where configurations and colours can be chosen according to your preference. For more furniture options, browse our extensive catalogue or head down to our stores where our professional staff will guide you through all the pieces suitable for a small home. 

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