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A Furniture Guide: How to Choose a Sofa

how to choose sofa

When it comes to designing the perfect home, there are many aspects to consider – from the interior design theme you want to achieve to the flooring and wall paint you would like to have. However, there is more to it. After the foundations have been laid, you will have to come face to face with the endless choices of furniture to integrate into your space. One of the main furniture pieces that all homeowners have to invest in, is the sofa. As an integral piece, sofa outlets in Singapore are quick to design and produce an array of sofa options to cater to the varying aesthetic needs and tastes of homeowners.

At HomestoLife, we understand that a sofa is an investment piece. A key element in the home setting, purchasing the right sofa from a trusted supplier, ensures that you get the best deal in terms of its price, quality, and variety. But when offered a plethora of options, what should you consider? We created a sofa buying guide so that you get the most bang for your buck.

1. Size of the Sofa

We all know how small the houses in Singapore are. This makes measurements even more important when buying furniture. The length, width, and height of the sofa you have your eyes on should be proportionate to the space you have available in your home. It should not be too big that it overwhelms the area and restricts movement, but neither should it be too small that the room looks empty. Work with the space you have and consider filling empty corners with accent chars like ottomans for a quirky touch.

2. Style & Configuration of the Couch

Though you might have a rough idea of what the perfect sofa will look like, it is best to consider functionality over aesthetics. Do you host several people at your home, or do you live alone and simply seek comfort? These questions will help narrow down on the type of couch you should purchase – from modular sofas to a single-seater recliner, options are infinite. For example, if space is limited, consider a 2 seater sofa or an L-shaped sofa that can fit into the corners of the room. At the HomestoLife outlet in Singapore, you can choose from 30 sofa configurations and sizes, making the decision-making process easier.

3. Sofa Upholstery

Sofa Upholstery

COLORADO | Signature Full Grain Leather Sofa

The age-old discussion between fabric and full grain leather sofas is never-ending. Pros and cons aside, select the right material based on your lifestyle and aesthetic needs. For example, if you have kids or pets at home, select a material that is easy to clean. If going for longevity, the upholstery must be durable. With 17 types of leather and fabric options, HomestoLife Singapore allows you to customise the sofa with your upholstery of choice.

4. Colour Choices

color choice of sofa

200 Colour Options | The HomestoLife Leather Types

It is a given that colour plays a huge role in influencing the character of an interior. Similarly, the hue of your sofa plays a role too! It not only injects personality into a space, but also contributes a sense of practicality and functionality if chosen wisely. It is indeed cheeky to think of colour as a solution to hiding stains and marks – but if it works, it works. Offering more than the typical black and white furniture, HomestoLife offers over 200 colour options, giving your abundant creative freedom.

5. Cost & Quality

Last but not least, you have to consider the cost and quality. When at the furniture store, do a sitting test. Feel the padding of the seats, test the comfortability of the armrests, and the quality of the springs. Buying a home in Singapore is expensive enough, so be sure to make purchases from trusted suppliers who offer affordable yet durable pieces that will last for a long time.


Need help customising a sofa that will complement the interior design of your home? Visit our stores in Singapore and allow us to assist you in creating the perfect sofa you can find pride in.

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