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Small Apartment Design Tips & Tricks

Living in a small apartment? With space constraints come design hurdles. However, limitations to your floorplans do not equate to the inability to experiment with various interior design ideas and furniture. You simply have to play safe and make practical choices based on some design rules. So, what are some of these so-called “rules”?

Throw a mirror there, paint the walls white here, push your sofas away from the walls, and do not throw in multiple furnishing – there is a long list of tips on decorating a small living space. With so many do’s and don’ts of sprucing up a small apartment and design hacks when furniture shopping, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by all these interior design rules. But fret not! In this blog, we cover interior secrets of design playbooks so that you’ll have a big picture of what a strategically curated space looks like!

Interior Secret #1: Dark & Mysterious Depth

Yes, we did say that lighter colours will reflect more light and, in turn, make the room look more expansive – this is a general rule. But, when looking to create more depth in a small room, the trick is to add a deep and rich colour. A dark feature wall, for example, will create a much-needed contrast. It is best to avoid medium tones at all cost, as they tend to be dull when next to lighter hues.

Also, to ensure you find the perfect sofa that matches your feature walls to a tee, why not purchase customised sofas available at HomestoLife Singapore? From a range of colours to upholstery, custom made sofas will allow you to achieve any interior design scheme you have in mind!

Interior Secret #2: Larger than Life

As the saying goes “go big or go home!” When attempting to live larger in a compact space, it is always great to experiment with large furniture and make them the focal point of the room. However, it is crucial that the number of “key” furniture pieces are limited within the space. The magical odd number of three or five is perfect – opt for a sofa, coffee table, and TV console for your living room, and voila! You will be set.

Seville TV ConsoleSeville TV Console

Think your living space needs a little bit more decoration? Go for a large-scale art piece but limit it to one wall. Just like a feature wall, a large decorative element will suffice in elevating the visual appeal of a small apartment room.

Interior Secret #3: Skip the Drapes & Rugs

In our previous blog, we mentioned that decorating the floors is a must! Though a large area rug or carpet can give the space a finished look and create an illusion for more square footage, it only works if you have minimal furniture. If you plan on having multiple pieces in your living space like a sofa, coffee table, ottoman, and accompanying chairs, try to avoid using carpets or rugs. This is because it will disrupt the flow, obstructing the view of the floorspace beyond the carpet.

Skip the Drapes & Rugs

The same applies to drapes and curtains. Thick and heavy drapery will prevent light from entering the room and stop the eye from looking out at the expansive space beyond the windows.

Interior Secret #4: More Storage

If there is one thing we all dream of when designing a small apartment, it is more space! Since there is no way to physically increase the floor space of your home, its practical use is important. Sofa beds are great for both the living rooms and bedrooms. A sofa by day and a bed by night, a sofa bed is the epitome of space efficient furniture. When it comes to your dining space, go for dining benches instead of individual dining chairs. This way, you can tug the dining benches under the tables when not in use.

Seville TV console and Study TableSeville TV console and Study Table

As a matter of fact, any multifunctional storage piece that eliminates clutter is always a plus. From extendable tables and lift up coffee tables to innovative furniture like the GLIDE and stackable stools like the ARHUS, creating more space in a compact apartment is easy. You can also make use of vertical spaces by installing bookshelves and display shelves or have your study tables double as dining tables if you are really tight on space. 

Interior Secret #5: Light Up Your Life

This is probably a given. Instead of playing with the tones of your walls, try to brighten up your abode in other ways. Beyond ceiling lights, make use of lampshades and other elements like mirrors to bring in more light so that your home looks bigger.



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