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Living Larger in a Compact Space

If you live in a studio apartment or have smaller living space, you need to make smart choices what you put in it and make it work for you. We hope some of these useful tips that can help you make better use of your space! 


Tip #1 Pick a sofa that does more for your space

Other than taking into consideration the width of the entire sofa, we recommend going for a sofa with slim armrest that does not eat into your seating space. Don't you think a slim armrest looks more clean and sophisticated too? 

HomesToLife Wright Sofa

Other than having slim arms and wide seats, Wright 2.5 Seater Sofa is available in both 182cm and 202cm wide. Pick a configuration that suits your space. 


If you have absolutely no space, or you want to accommodate for when guests stay over, consider having a sofa bed. Multi-functionality is key when planning for a compact space! 

 HomesToLife Eureka Sofa Bed

The Eureka Sofa Bed is available in both 2.5 Seater and L-shaped with Storage Chaise! 


Tip #2 Skip the coffee table, use an ottoman

An ottoman doesn't just provide more seating space, but can act as a replacement for your coffee table. Customizable in various shapes, sizes, materials and colours, they are also great for adding a little bit of personal style into your interior decor. 


Check out the amazing Pivot Storage Ottoman and what it can do for you! 


Tip #3 Sneak in a little more storage here & there

Consider furniture pieces that come with storage compartments. We especially love those with hidden storage that can still keep the living space looking neat and tidy. 

HomesToLife Austin Coffee Table

Slide from side to side and keep your mess hidden with Austin Coffee Table. We love how this piece is both stylish and so functional!  


Tip #4 Consider your options when selecting a dining table

Think about the usage of your dining space.  A round table takes up lesser space and might work better for you if there is a small group of people at home. It is also great for creating a more intimate setting.

Bolivia Round Ceramic Dining Table

We recommend the stylish Bolivia Round Dining Table in Grey Ceramic. Paired with chairs like Perth, it can sit more than it looks! 


But.. if you enjoy hosting house parties frequently and need that extra space to accommodate more guests, an extendable table could the the solution for you. 


The people's favourite Tuscany Dining Table opens up from 140cm to 170cm and can accommodate up to 8 or more people. What we love most about this table, is how easy it is to open and close the extension. Highly recommended! 


Tip #5 Bench, bench, bench! 

A bench is a versatile and a great solution for compact spaces. You can seat more people on it, and slide it into the table when unused. 

 Blake Bench

The velvet Blake Bench in light grey slides perfectly under the Raffles Dining Table, allowing more room for your living space when unused. 


Check out our Compact Spaces collection and the items specially picked to solve your spatial woes. Sofas are 200cm and below, selected to provide ample seating and eliminate need for unnecessary space occupancy. Filled with caboodles of charm and ingenuity, living and dining pieces delivers on functionality to upgrade your small home living.

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