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Pulling Off the Monochromatic Interior Design

When thinking of the right interior design scheme to follow and apply to your home setting, harmony is key. Be it in terms of your furniture and colour choices, or even the way you arrange every element in your home, several challenging decisions must be made so that consistency is maintained within your abode. Of all the various schemes to consider, monochromatic interior design is a classic one that guarantees consistency and harmony when pulled off properly. Typically utilising shades of one key colour, the monochromatic scheme offers balance through its simplicity. From the floors to the furniture, every element in the space will be of the same hue. Sounds boring? While that is a common assumption amongst many, this scheme creates a solid foundation for additional architectural details, textures, and colours. It even offers homeowners the opportunity to change their home décor with ease without issues of what can be called the “Clash of the Elements”.

Why Choose a Monochromatic Theme?

Whether your goal is to conjure up an impression of elegance and class or make your home look more spacious, there are several reasons to consider a monochromatic interior design. Despite its versatility, though, common misconceptions do plague the intrigue of many. For one, people assume that only whites and neutrals can be the main colour of choice or that layering of other tones is banned from this scheme. That, however, cannot be further from the truth. Though blacks and whites do act as a great base layer, this interior design is not inflexible as it can cater to other colour palettes as well. The ability for homeowners to create strong contrast through the addition of refreshing and interesting accents gives this scheme an effortless stylish flair that even the most experienced interior designers find hard to achieve with other designs. So, how do you pull this look off in your own home?

Kickstarting Your Journey to Monochromatic Bliss

On the opposite spectrum of maximalist interior design, going monochrome requires strategic planning for the proper utilisation of space. Therefore, when attempting to pull this look off, starting with the floors will always be a good move. Be it a carpet or laminate flooring, the hue of your flooring can act as a base upon which the dominant colour palette is formed. From there, layering can be done through the incorporation of furniture. Compared to popular colour combinations that require the proper understanding of the colour wheel, the monochromatic theme simply requires you to narrow in on one colour and work your way around its spectrum – and voila, you can get right into action!

However, if you would like to keep your furnishings and fabrics within the same colour family, or have contrasting and bold textures, patterns, not fret not! Your furniture choices are one way to experiment with the scheme. These elements and pieces will even double as a finishing touch to balance and subtly contrast the monochromatic rooms so that it does not look dark and gloomy. So, do not be afraid to break a few design rules, especially if you think that it will help elevate the entire look. 

Mastering the Monochrome Look

Monochrome designs tend to function almost like a blank canvas. Acting as a near perfect base, anything and everything décor related should fit seamlessly. To pull the look off, consider these furniture pieces that will fit perfectly in this interior:

1. Sofa

MONDRIAN L-Shaped Sofa

There are different types of sofa upholstery and configurations that might throw you off when searching for the right sofa. At HomestoLife, we boast a wide range of sofas including full-grain leather sofas, vintage sofas, and other modern options. When it comes to sofa configurations, you will never run out of options either – from 2 seater sofas and 3 seater sofas to L-shaped sofas to armchairs, it is sofa galore! To ensure you find your perfect sofa, we even offer customisation services. You can choose from 400 options for materials, 17 types of leathers and fabrics, and up to 30 configurations and sizes to create an ideal sofa that seamlessly fits your design scheme.

ALCOVE Fabric Sofa

Take the ALCOVE fabric sofa, for example. Multi-functional in its design, this sofa comes in multiple fabric colours such as Steel, movable backrest in Frost, and armrests in Charcoal. But that’s not all! The upholstery can even be customised into varied hues such as subtle shades of pink!

2. Dining tables & Chairs

FOREST Dining Chair

Modern dining tables like the RIFFA CERAMIC and MONTREAL are pieces that are made to truly last. Simple and modern in design, their monochrome look will easily match any interior style, not just the monochromatic. To add to the modern and contemporary feel, consider dining chairs like the FOREST Dining Chair that is also available in light grey and white.

3. Coffee tables

ZEBRA Coffee Table

A furniture piece that is often overlooked by the masses, coffee tables are a great way to add flair to a room. Consider the ZEBRA, which is designed with white ceramic and black metal. Sleek and contemporary in style, this coffee table is beautifully structured with gorgeous lines that are guaranteed to highlight important accents in any room. 

4. Modern TV console

Just like coffee tables, we often avoid giving TV consoles too much attention. Though functioning as a furniture piece that will hold your primary source of entertainment – your TV – a modern TV console can also enhance the functionality of your living space while adding a touch of personality. If you are going for the classic black and white look, opt for the KOALA or the EBONY TV console. If the neutral white and beige scheme is more you cup of tea, consider the BAROQUE.  Add a display shelf like the WARREN, and your home will be the epitome of sophistication and style.  

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