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When one thinks of re-designing a space, a full makeover tends to cross our minds. But, did you know that adding a single statement piece could shake up the space and create a lasting impression? Surely, an avant-garde art piece could do the trick, but for added functionality, try investing in an armchair. Extremely versatile, it is a single piece of furniture that can make a statement in any room without overwhelming the area. Capable of drawing attention to its sleek structure and detailed upholstery, an armchair is more than a mere extra seating space. 

Find Your Dream Armchair 

With many furniture showrooms in Singapore offering a variety of armchairs, many homeowners aren't too sure on how to choose the perfect one. Before making the purchase, you’ll first have to ask yourself why you need to buy an armchair. Are you looking to fill a space in the living room, provide ergonomic seating for the elderly, or find the perfect seating solution? Whatever your reasons may be, you’ll also have to consider: 

  • Where to put the armchair
  • After studying your room layout and the placement of other bigger, key furniture, plan where you would like to have the piece placed. Ensure there is enough space for the armchair to recline backwards too.

  • Maintenance requirements
  • Worried about how to clean armchair upholstery? We completely understand. With over 17 types of leathers and fabrics, at HomesToLife, our dedicated team will guide you in finding a durable material for your handcrafted furniture. We also work with quality manufacturers that are ISO-certified and provide a warranty, so your concerns on maintenance costs are well-taken care of.

  • Style
  • From club chairs with metallic accents to a full leather ochre recliner armchair, our collection is only the blueprint. Choose from a full range of upholstery and configurations to create a piece that complements your interior design scheme.

    Make a Statement with HomesToLife

    At HomesToLife Singapore, our selection of armchairs covers a broad range of stylistic needs - from modern designs to traditional standalones, we have them all! You can browse our collection of recliner, leather and fabric armchairs at our store. For more information on our exchange policies and delivery charges, feel free to contact us.

    Looking for Fabric Sofas?

    Learn about Fabric Sofas

    Why are Fabric Sofas a Better Choice?

    Comfort: Fabric sofa sets offer great elasticity and bend. More so, the fabric is soft and supple but not loose so that it won’t wrinkle or tear away quickly.

    Stylish & Pattern: Fabric sofa sets online come in a wide array of patterns, colors, textures, and fabrics. It can be dyed, molded, and processed in various ways to get the perfect sofa set.

    Affordable: Fabric sofa sets are one of the most affordable pieces of furniture that you can cherish. The materials’ wide availability and easy accessibility make them budget-friendly options.

    Easy Maintenance: Fabric sofas with recliners these days are engineered with stain-resistant fabric. So, it can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth.

    How to Style Fabric Sofas Around the House?

    Styling fabric sofa sets online around the house can add character and warmth to your living space. Choose the right color and texture with decorative pillows. Use throws with a rug and accessorize with the artwork that complements the color of your fabric sofa. You can keep on experimenting with various shades of fabric sofa sets to match the carpet or flooring of your house.

    Star Features of Fabric Sofas at HomestoLife

    Fabric Sofas With Storage Facility: Fabric sofas with built-in storage capacity provide added convenience and make for an ideal companion during binge-watching sessions, allowing you to keep your popcorn and beverages within reach.

    Fabric Sofas With Electric Recliners: Comfort is all around & everywhere with our fabric sofa sets’ electric motion recliners that can give you the comfort you’ve always wanted in your sofas.

    Fabric Sofas Adjustable Headrest: Get the leisure that suits your physique and the style that suits the surrounding living space. These fabric sofa sets come with an adjustable headrest mechanism that you can adjust per your requirements.

    Open-Ended Design: Leather sofa sets also have an open-end design that perfectly utilizes empty corners around the room. Moreso, it also allows more sitting space.

    How Can You Maintain Your Fabric Sofas Better?

    Keep Your Fabric Sofas Clean: To clean a Fabric sofa, use a vacuum or soft-bristled brush to remove dirt and dust from the fabric's pores. Quickly wipe away spills and stains with a clean, dry towel. Protect the sofa for home or office from sunlight to prevent color fading.

    Avoid Placing Sharp Objects Near Fabric Sofa Sets: Avoid using sharp objects like knives, pens, etc on the sofa as they can damage the fabric of the sofa sets. If the sofa's cushions aren't rotated regularly, they may become uneven and uncomfortable.

    Why Purchase Fabric Sofa Sets from HomestoLife?

    Innumerable varieties: Our stores offer over 200 color options, 17 types of leathers and fabrics, and up to 30 configurations (such as sizes and other requirements) allowing you to custom-make your sofa set.

    Seamless shopping experience: We offer a hassle-free one-stop shopping experience for all things sofa and furniture. Here is how we ensure a seamless shopping experience for you -

    • 4-day easy return
    • No-cost EMI on partner banks

    Guaranteed Product Warranty: We offer a 10-year product warranty on all our sofa set ranges.

    End-to-End assistance: You can also contact our expert designers to help you pick the fabric sofas to suit your individuality and lifestyle.


    Is Fabric Sofa Long Lasting? 

    Yes, they are known
    to last between 7 to 15 years. Various common fabrics such as linen, cotton,
    polyester, and velvet are used commonly, not just because of their
    accessibility, availability, and longevity.

    How do I choose a good fabric for the sofa? 

    Factors such as the
    size & style of your living space, your budget, and your capability to
    maintain a particular type, other added features come with fabric sofa sets,
    and last if the fabric sofa is from a trusted brand. HomestoLife includes
    best-in-class premium sofas that will suit your style and comfort.

    Are fabric sofas suitable for homes with pets? 

    If you are
    considering pet-friendly fabrics, make sure they are stain-resistant or
    wear-resistant. Examples of pet-friendly fabrics include microfiber or
    performance textiles. Consider buying a leather sofa from homestolife if you’re

    Are fabric sofas less durable than leathersofas? 

    Fabric sofas can be
    robust and long-lasting, depending on the fabric quality and how well they are
    cared for.

    Do fabric sofas require more maintenance thanleather sofas? 

    Fabric sofas may
    require more frequent cleaning, but they are generally low-maintenance with
    proper care.

    How do I protect my fabric sofa from fading? 

    Use curtains or
    blinds to shield direct sunlight, and rotate cushions on a regular basis to
    ensure even wear.