Recliner Chair in Singapore

Resting up after a long day at work on your recliner chair is one of the best things to look forward to at the end of a busy day. However, a reclining armchair does not only provide comfort but also offers some health benefits.

The recliner chair helps to reduce the pressure points at stiff joints and improve blood circulation in the body. A good nap on the chair will work wonders - for the young and old. 

A recliner armchair can also fit seamlessly with your living room arrangement, whether you combine it with your modular sofa or position it on its own at a corner of the room. 

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How to position a recliner chair in your home

Have enough space to recline

It is very important to position your armchair in a way that allows you to recline easily. This means you should not flush the chair against the wall as, if otherwise, the backrest will not recline in full. You should also consider the space required for the footrest to incline forward - it should not block the walkway for others to move around or get to their seats. Positioning the chair at a corner where two adjacent walls meet is ideal. 

Allow good social interaction

If you are intending to place the reclining armchair in your living room, you will want to have it positioned in such a way that allows the occupant to easily communicate with those seated at the regular sofas. Not to forget, the position should also provide a good view of the television. Any suitable corner will work as long as the occupant can face the main lounge area and, as we noted earlier, has enough space to recline.

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