Home Trends: Own the “It” Furniture

Home Trends: Own the “It” Furniture

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We’ve all seen interior design trends constantly change. From colonial chic to Scandinavian, interior designs that are popular amongst homeowners shift like a change of clothes. With so many elements playing a pivotal role in executing a trending design scheme, it is without a doubt that furniture trends will be affected too – and sofas are no exception!

Sofa or couch, however you may choose to call it, there is no denying that this piece of furniture plays an important role in setting the tone of the entire living room. Encouraging meaningful connections with family and friends, sofas are a modern-day solution to fostering collaboration. With the range of stylistic options currently available in the market, finding furniture in Singapore that will fit into your interior design ideas can get tricky. But HomesToLife makes this process easy for you with our insider knowledge on the latest luxury sofa and fabric trends for 2020.

1. Sofa Upholstery Trends: Natural Materials

Durable, stylish, and timeless. These are a few terms associated with natural materials. A foolproof way of experimenting with a classic interior theme, natural upholstery looks good regardless of the interior theme, season, or ever-changing trends.

 color of leather for sofa

Not sure where to start? Homeowners in Singapore are currently loving leather sofas, and so are we! Leather upholstery, like full grain leather, not only adds variety and visual interest to your living space but is also durable and long-lasting – talk about a lifetime investment!


2. Modern Furniture: Rounded Edge & Multi-Functional

With apartments growing smaller in Singapore, slim and space-saving furniture that can be incorporated into small areas are a plus. That is why modern furniture which blends functionality with style are all the rave in Singapore right now!
Modern Furniture in Singapore

Electric Recliner with USB Ports | Modern Furniture in Singapore

We’ve all heard about smartphones and smartwatches, but smart sofas have recently been making a name for itself. Tubular luxury sofas add an element of fun to the space, giving it a modern touch with its curvaceous shape that drifts from formal rigidity. Throw in a little smart tech with built-in USB ports and charging facilities, and voila! You’ll have the perfect blend of luxury living and peak convenience.  

3. Luxury Living: Return of Configurable Sofas in Singapore

HARMONICA | Leather Sofa in Singapore

 Another trend that has been revived is the sectional. Bringing variety, versatility, and adaptability, the common configurations of a sectional sofa remains unrivalled. From the L-Shaped sofa to the left or right bi-sectional arrangement, you can customise its shape and style with modern upgrades, adding more appeal to any standard sofa. Some come with built-in storage, and ones like our Eureka sofa converts into a sofa bed!

4. Home Furniture Trends: Chic Colours
colorful sofa

Bold prints and bright colours have always been a go-to when attempting to personalise a space and make a statement. This has now influenced furnishing too. Manufacturers of upholstered furniture are now having fun with shades, drifting away from the old school of thought that monochromatic colours only consist of pale tones. Strong deep hues like mustard yellow and deep jewel tones are a big trend this year.

Can’t seem to find a leather or fabric sofa of the right colour anywhere in Singapore? Try   your dream sofa with HomesToLife.

5. Luxurious Textures: Velvet Sofas
luxury sofa

Don’t we all yearn to live like royalty? The epitome of elegance and opulence, luxurious textures have been receiving lots of love this year. And when we talk luxurious material, we can’t forget about the soft and delicate velvet. Making a strong comeback this year, not just in the furniture but also in the fashion industry, velvet is one of the hottest trends. Gone are the days where velvet would trap hair and dust. Easy clean technology has made it a practical choice, an add-on to its rich texture. The magical sheen of luxe velvet exudes sophistication while its soft and relaxing touch could match that of fine wool – something no one would enjoy missing out on.

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