The HomesToLife Recliner Sofa: All you need to know!

The HomesToLife Recliner Sofa: All you need to know!

Still unsure about the difference between recliner models and what the various functions mean for you? Read on to find out all that you need to know about the HomesToLife recliner sofa! 



Electric recliner with USB ports 

The best thing about an electric recliner is that you would be able to adjust any angle of recline that fits your body best. The electric recliner with USB ports is most common option for almost all of our recliner models. With the amount of time we spend on our mobile devices, the built-in USB port is a great convenience especially when we have already found that sweet spot on the sofa and it would be almost impossible to get up to charge your device elsewhere. 

 HomesToLife Designer Leather Sofa Recliner

The space-friendly Cotton Candy comes with handy-dandy USB ports on both sides of the sofa to make sure your phone never goes out of battery again! 


Electric recliner with concealed controls 

Electric recliner with concealed controls goes better for some models that feature unique design details, especially on the armrests. This is also a great option for you to surprise your guests that your ultra-modern sofa is actually also a recliner! 


HomesToLife Designer Leather Recliner Sofa

The all-new Onyx from our 2020 collection looks incredibly fashionable and is secretly-or-not-so-secretly-anymore a recliner too!  


Battery-operated electric recliner

If you don't have an accessible power plug to keep your electric recliner plugged in at all times without the cables stretching across the room, a battery-operated one is the answer for you! This is an exceptional option for electric recliner armchairs which are usually positioned in the middle of the room. 


Manual recliner 

The manual recliner gets you from an upright position to a relaxed comfort with just a pull of a lever. Unlike the electric recliner, it only has 2 angles of recline but sometimes, that is really all you need. Of course, a manual recliner comes at an even friendlier price than its electric counterparts. 

HomesToLife Leather Recliner Sofa

Can you believe that Boracay is our oldest model in the collection yet people still go crazy for it! It is a most configurable sofa and one of the few models that come with manual recliner option.


Double electric recliner

A double recliner takes the comfort and ease of an electric recliner sofa to the next level. With the ability to adjust the angle of the headrest with just a touch of a button, it feels almost a little too high tech. It definitely adds a luxury factor to your way of life! 

 HomesToLife Designer Recliner Leather Sofa

The hot favourite Symphony is a double recliner model that provides a superb comfort when lying down especially when you are trying to watch TV or read.  No more strains on your neck! 




Zero wall mechanism allows you to place your sofa against the wall without any gap required by gliding forwards instead of backwards. Bora Bora is the only sofa that comes with this feature at the moment. 

Wall hugger mechanism allows you to place your sofa against the wall with small clearance of only 10cm. All of our recliner models, except Bora Bora, comes with this feature. 

Child lock is specially designed to prevent children from playing with the controls or pressing them by mistake. It is a very thoughtful feature, especially for families with young children, to create a safe environment for all ages. The child lock feature is available in all electric recliners. 

Fold-in leg rests allows the sofa to maintain a contemporary design by keeping the leg rest concealed when unused. On top of that, this feature also makes it easier to clean underneath the sofa. 


Hope this article gave you a better idea of the different recliner types, options and features. Our style advisors are also always here to answer any other burning questions you have. Drop us an email at to find out more! 

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