Customised Sofas in Singapore

A sofa is undoubtedly one of the most important pieces in any living room. Regardless of your home design, the sofa is very likely your anchor piece. This piece of furniture is tantamount to the overall layout of your living space because it helps you achieve the mood you are going for.

Furthermore, sofas can cater to households of varying sizes. They can serve as guest centres, and your family will surely love the comfort they provide. For individuals who love to entertain their guests, sofas can also double up as wine bars or tables, saving you not only cash but precious space as well.

Then again, not all sofas fit perfectly into any living space. The good news is – at HomesToLife, you get to select from a wide range of configurations available to craft the perfect fit.

Why Customise Your Sofa at HomesToLife?

Our team takes pride in creating a sofa that is nothing short of perfect for you. At HomesToLife, we believe that smart living in Singapore is all about careful planning. Our customised sofa opens the doors to plenty of custom options – ranging from materials to configurations and functions. Whatever your choice of material and colour is, you can count on us to bring your dream sofa to life. 

Best of all, you no longer have to settle for a sofa that is not made with all the functions you desire. Create a sofa that will function as the perfect piece for your lifestyle and decor today.

Shop at Singapore's Premium Furniture Store today! 

Our team at HomesToLife is here to help you obtain a high-quality and timeless piece at competitive prices. Get in touch today and let us come up with a customised sofa that is perfect for your living space
Left-Facing L W277cm-Signature Leather


Simple lines, wooden legs and a buttery soft two-toned leather, Harmonica really brings out the vintage look and feel for your living space. The do...

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