Choosing good quality sofa for your home

How to Choose a Sofa for Your Home

Like your choice of flooring, other design elements play a role in setting the tone of your home interior. One of these aspects is the sofa. A major furniture piece, a sofa set – be it a modular sofa, L-shape sofa, sofa beds, or sofa with recliner features – takes centre stage in the living space. To ensure your living space looks cohesive, there several things to take note of on how to choose a sofa.

When shopping for a sofa in furniture shops in Singapore or online, it’s standard practice to look at its colour, shape, size, and other aspects that might affect the overall look of your home. Surely, measurements and design appeal are things to think about. However, there are other things to be on the lookout for, and we’ll cover a few of these additional details in this blog.

1. The Frame

The backbone of your couch, everything depends on the frame of your sofa or armchair. Acting as the main body, a high-quality sofa comes with a strong and sturdy frame. Depending on the craftsmanship, well-made frames will offer an anchor for a good seating support. Therefore, be sure to inquire about the construction of the frame and its joints. Study the material of the frame – a premium construction as seen in those at HomestoLife, have solid hardwood or other robust materials. In addition, wooden frames are covered for 10 years under our limited warranties.

2. The Legs

Choosing good quality sofa - sofa legs

ONYX | 3 Seater Full Grain Leather Sofa

Here’s a little secret - what looks good in the showroom might not be the best fit for your home. For example, a sofa with sharp, metal hairpin legs will probably tear the wear layer of vinyl floors or scratch your expensive hardwood flooring. To ensure your floors stay in tip-top condition, consider between wenge wooden legs like our BORA BORA 2 seater genuine leather sofa or flat plated metal legs as seen in the ONYX 3 seater recliner sofa. Also, look into its configuration, such as its diameter and surface area, for easy installation into your space.

3. Suspension

With the frame of a sofa operating as its skeleton, the suspension system will determine the level of comfort. At HomestoLife, we ensure all our products offer optimal comfort. Designed to eliminate sagging and increase firmness, our seating systems are developed with no-sag springs, inner coils, or rubber webbings – with a 10-year warranty. Our cushion seats also tend to be filled with multi-density foams, loose fibre, and feathers for better rebound and recovery.

When at a furniture shop, sit on the sofa set and listen for any squeaks or creaks. The presence of any odd sounds is a clear indicator of loose installations. The same applies when you want to buy sofas online. Head to the furniture store and have a feel of the sofa to make sure its quality is top-notch and will not shift or sag in the future.

4. Knowledge of the Range of Upholstery

 Choosing good quality sofa - range of upholstery

WRIGHT | 2 Seater Good Leather Sofa

Fabric and leather are two of the most common upholstery for sofa furniture. Your upholstered furniture of choice should not only suit your home interior décor but also last for a long time. Of all high-performance upholstery, there is no denying that a full-grain leather sofa comes up on top. Though generally versatile, durable, and long-lasting, one needs to know how to choose a leather sofa.

If you have decided that a full-grain leather sofa is THE sofa for your home, be sure to find out more about the leather grade. Even though good leather sofas will cost about 60 to 80% more than fabric armchairs and sofas, that does not mean that a costly luxury sofa is made of genuine leather. To be safe, you could opt for a custom-made sofa. At HomestoLife, we offer a wide selection of designs, configurations, and functions so that all your sofa and furniture needs are met. You also have the option of picking your ideal upholstery type – between fabric and leather – so that budget requirements are met with ease!

5. The Filling

A good quality sofa should be made from high-density foam. At HomestoLife, you will find nothing short of that as most cushions have multi-density foam that are above industry standards – the higher the density, the firmer the cushion.

6. Other Things to Consider

1. Warranties

A high-quality sofa should typically come with a comprehensive warranty. This will ensure that your investment will last for the long term. For one, our leathers meet the strictest safety standards, such as ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2000. Taking many precautions to ensure our products are free from manufacturing defects, our warranty coverage further supports the maintenance of product quality for an extended period.

2. The store you are shopping at

As mentioned, it is best to visit the stores to have a closer look at the furniture pieces. Easily accessible islandwide, head down to one of the many HomestoLife stores and have a feel of our furniture for yourself. Sit on the furniture and check it out for any lumps or poky springs. Also, check out the stores’ Instagram or Facebook page to see if customers have left any comments about specific products.

3. Multifunctional pieces

Choosing good quality sofa - multi-functional furniture


Multi-functional furniture is a fool-proof small house interior design hack. Some of our sofas, like the ALCOVE, are also multi-functional – play around with the cushions and armrest to transform this versatile piece into a bench or daybed whenever you please! But, if looking for sofa beds, you’ll have to pay closer attention to their configuration and additional product features. The EUREKA sofa-bed, for example, comes with hidden storage space to keep pillows and duvets. This is in addition to its foam mattress designed for proper sleeping comfort.

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