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Hosting an Epic Dinner Party in Style

The New Year is here! With 2021 rolling in, so are the other festivities – from Valentine’s Day to Chinese New Year, the number of special occasions where we get to spend time with family and friends is endless. With these festivities come opportunities to host and entertain guests unlike any other. And when one thinks of hosting guests, getting your house “party-ready” is a must. Whether it be sprucing up your dining room to cater to the guests you will be hosting to decorating your living space to make it more inviting so that no one feels intimidated, much thought has to be put into planning a dinner party – and we hear you!

Getting the menu and guestlist settled, working on the dining table set up and entertainment, post-party cleaning, and more – hosting a party is not easy. To get some weight off your shoulders, we cover tips and tricks on getting your home ready for an unforgettable event.

1. Consider Your Furniture Choices

Dinner parties should be more than an invitation for guests to feast on extravagant meals. Rather, it should focus on bringing people together so that everyone has a good time. To keep the conversation going, it is crucial that you choose the right dining table for your home and the occasion. The dining table set up also plays an important part in setting the mood of the dinner party. Instead of going for an over-the-top dining style, opt for a classic set up that is simple yet impactful.

Dining table setups aside, in your living space, spills and accidents are bound to occur too! A luxury sofa will surely make a statement but ensure you opt for upholstery such as leather. Full-grain leather sofas, for one, are always a great choice since they can be wiped clean and do not stain as easily as compared to other materials.

2. Pick a Theme

As mentioned, the set-up of the space is important. To pull all the decorative elements in every section of your home together, try working around on a theme. Deciding on a theme will not only guarantee that everything looks and feels complete, but also gives you a rough gauge or idea of how to decorate your dining room table or other parts of your abode that will be flocked by guests.

3. Maximise the Available Space

Radius Coffee TableRadius Coffee Table

Beyond your dining area, it is important to keep the entire space open. Ensure there is sufficient space for people to move around so that they do not feel claustrophobic and restricted to one area of your home. Pull in the necessary furniture like footstools so that there are sufficient seating options and have standard modern pieces like coffee tables work double duty by using them as extra surfaces to place snacks, drinks, and even reading materials.

Extendable dining tables are also worth the investment. Opening and extending to cater to a larger group of diners, you can keep the drinks flowing till the end of the night!

4. Shelf Things Up

Display shelves and bookshelves, they only serve the function of putting things on display, right? Well, not really – if your guests have kids or you are hosting a party for a large group, shelving units come in handy when attempting to keep things out of reach. Transform clutter into works of art, have precious ornaments within sight and allow your entire display shelves be a conversation starter. An innovative way to accentuate existing decor, a new bookshelf or display shelf is a piece of must-have modern furniture.

5. Prevention is Always Better than Cure

Montreal Ceramic Dining TableMontreal Ceramic Dining Table

Not sure if your dining table is going to withstand all the activity? Protect it with a tablecloth or opt for durable dining tabletops manufactured with robust materials like Ceramic. Both will prevent stains from spillage or marks from hot dishes while adding a clean look to the space.


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