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Dining Room Design that Draws You In

When one thinks of a dining room design, dining tables and chairs come to mind. Though the design of your dining room has an impact on the overall vibe of the room, many homeowners tend to overlook their choice of dining table and chairs. These essential furniture pieces facilitate easy hosting and add visual appeal when selected properly. How then do you then sieve through the massive selection available in Singapore and buy the right dining table and accompanying furniture? In this buying guide, we cover the things to consider when searching for dining room tables and chairs.

Choosing Dining Tables

When choosing dining room furniture, the typical things to consider include style, cost, and quality of construction, amongst others. When choosing dining room tables, be sure to:

1. Consider the size

Getting measurements is crucial. It is essential that homeowners have accurate measurements of their dining room space to get a rough gauge on the type and size of furniture that will fit proportionally. You can also visualise your ideal dining table in the area to narrow down choices when you visit a furniture store.

#Quick Tip: At the furniture store, be sure to measure the actual dining table. If making an online purchase, always be sure to double-check the measurements.  

2. Consider your needs

Do you love hosting parties? Do you enjoy having meals with your friends and family? Depending on your lifestyle needs, the type of table you choose might differ.

#Quick Tip: Your lifestyle will help determine if the shape and size of your dining table will suffice in meeting your needs.

3. Consider the shape

Rectangular dining tables like the Florence Ceramic is an extendable option. With its sleek lines, it adds a modern touch to the space while leaving ample space to move around. The other common type, circular ones, are classics with its versatile architecture and organic curves.

#Quick Tip: If you host many guests, opt for a rectangular table. A circular table creates a cosy vibe that supports easy conversations as everyone will be seated close to each other.

4. Consider the material

 Ceramic Dining Table

Montreal | Ceramic Dining Table

As with all furniture, durability should be of utmost importance. Ceramic is thus understandably a popular choice. For those who are more experimental, a combination of two or more materials is a great way to add some spice to the space.

#Quick Tip: Add a new twist to your dining room with the Tuscany table that combines ceramic and glass.

5. Consider personal tastes

Most furniture is designed with function and comfort in mind – you can thus afford to pick a dining table that fits your design aesthetic.

#Quick Tip: Your table is only a feature in your modern abode – it should fit your dining room interior and not the other way around.

Choosing Dining Chairs

Thought your dining room chairs do not require much thought? Clearly, a recliner chair will not fit in your dining room. Therefore, you need to consider its measurements, shape, and style too!

1. Dining chair size

The height of the dining room chair is pivotal in ensuring comfort.  Between the seat and the table, there should be a 12-inch gap. If your chairs have arms, it is best to leave a 7-inch room between the arm and the table.

2. Fabric, finish & support  

From wood and metal to upholstered, the choices are endless. If you want your dining room to be more comfortable, opt for upholstered seating. Since your chairs will be dragged against the floors, ensure its leg supports will not cause too much wear and tear.

3. Personal preferences

 ceramic furniture

Why we love ceramic furniture

Not sure how to decorate your dining room table? Get creative by mixing and matching your dining table and chairs. If you’d like some consistency, go for dining table sets that gets the work done for you. See all options available at HomestoLife Singapore.


Whatever your choices are, with some thought, every element in the dining room will come together to reflect your personal taste. Need some inspiration? Browse our collection of dining chairs, tables, and other affordable furniture in Singapore.

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