All About Leather

Leather is a natural material that improves with age, becoming more comfortable and personal. It is soft and supple yet highly durable and versatile. It breathes, keeping cool in summer and warm during chilly months. As no two animals are the same, every hide is unique. Expect variations and nuances of shading, evenness and texture.


HomesToLife uses our own leather, produced by top cattle breeders in South America. The finest hides are selected, after which they undergo an intricate tanning process comprising more than 30 stages. Our tanneries employ state-of-the-art technologies to process leather in an environmentally friendly manner. All aspects of our leather production comply with strict international safety standards.

With more than 10 types of leather options, our strength lies in the customisation of sofas to suit the lifestyle needs of our customers. With more than 200 colour choices and in both natural and family-friendly leather types, you can customise your sofas in the configurations you need, and also in the colour and leather type that you like.

Our leathers are available in these variations:

Signature Leather

Only top or full grain leather is used on all areas of the sofa

Full Leather

Combination of top grain leather on all seating areas, with split leather on the sides and back of the sofa

Half Leather

Top grain leather on seating areas, with synthetic leather - also known as PU - on the sides and back of sofa


The type of leather is distinguished by distinctive characteristics and hence, varied maintenance methods are required.


Full aniline, the finest leather available, exudes a beauty like no other. The amount of treatment such as colour or protective pigments used is minimal, showcasing natural markings and colour differences. The luxurious aniline is the
most demanding to upkeep. Aniline leather is extremely comfortable and soft to the touch. Since it retains all the unique markings and characteristics of the hide, each piece is different from any other one


Semi-aniline hides are similar to full aniline leather, except that they are treated with an additional protective finish to prolong the colour lifespan. The grain remains unchanged, highlighting natural features and patterns. While it retains the uniqueness of aniline leather, semi-aniline leather has more consistent colour and is more resistant to stains. It can stand up to tougher conditions and isn’t
damaged as easily.


Lightly buffed and pigmented to ensure consistency in colour and texture, protected hides are durable and resistant to stains. Advantage This makes the leather extremely friendly to families and suitable for frequently used furniture in the home.