Modular Sofa in Singapore

Are you a new homeowner looking for a comfortable sofa set for your living space or a growing family seeking better lounging arrangements? A modular sofa set can help. 

Designed for flexibility, a modular sofa comprises a collection of singular units that can be arranged to suit any size of living space, that too, in various shapes. You can easily downsize, extend or re-arrange at your discretion. 

You could set up a 3-seater sofa against the wall with armchairs at its two sides bordering a coffee table, or re-configure the setup and create a large L-shaped 5-seater sofa for all to sit comfortably together. How about a sofa bed

The modular sofa is made for families who can anticipate changing needs over time or love experimenting with different living space designs now and then. If you are looking for a modular sofa in Singapore, rest assured our catalogue will provide you with the one you need. Browse our collection below and start planning your living room.

Why Choose A Modular Sofa for Your Living Room?

Eliminate wasted space

Making the most of your living space is crucial. Extend your modular sofa to occupy empty corners of the room or move the singular units according to the needs of your family. Add more room for your little ones to play around or accommodate regular family parties - a modular sofa lets you personalise your lounge area the way you prefer. 

Section up your living space

Perfect for open plan kitchens, dining and living rooms, the modular sofa can act as dividers to section up these social spaces.  

Ideal for all housing types and sizes

Its versatility makes the modular sofa perfect for any type of housing, small or large. In separate pieces, the modular sofa can also fit through the doorways of HDB flats in Singapore as easily as it is to shift them around in the room. You no longer need to worry about managing bulky sofa sets. 

Ready to invest in a modular sofa? Pick your choice and purchase online.


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