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Unspoken benefits of having a recliner

Besides being super comfy to rest on, recliner sofas have more benefits than just being comfortable.

Stress Busters

Stress falls under three categories: emotional, mental, and physical. Either one of these can accumulate to affect your general well-being. This is when the recliner sofa comes in to alleviate stress:

  • Physical Stress - A well-designed recliner like HomesToLife's sofa recliner can reduce accumulated fatigue within our muscles and joints from our daily activities. 
  • Mental Stress - Short breaks to unwind on a comfortable sofa recliner throughout the day or before sleeping can help improve mentally stressed individuals. 
  • Emotional Stress - The recliner provides head-to-toe support and mimics a warm embrace which generally brings about positive memories associated with cuddles and hugs.

    Gets your blood circulating

    Sitting at your desk or standing for long periods can cause poor circulation of oxygen-rich blood to your legs and feet, causing inflammation. Reverse the effect of prolonged sitting and standing with our recliner sofas! Reclining can relieve your body by elevating your feet to almost your heart level, allowing gravity to improve your blood circulation naturally without additional burden on the heart.
    That is why electrical recliners, which are easy to operate, are a favourite among individuals whose job requires prolonged standing or standing.

    Bad blood circulation can also lead to high blood pressure, an ailment common in elderlies. However, some may observe that their high blood pressure condition improves after changing their sofa into a recliner sofa.

    Ease body aches 

    Besides being a stylish addition to any home, recliner sofas can help reduce body aches and pains by providing different levels of support across the seat and back cushions. That also helps to evenly distribute your body weight and ease pressure on your joints and muscles. Additionally, high back recliner sofas can offer essential neck support, which is advantageous for anyone with persistent neck pain.

    A good recliner sofa should eliminate poor sitting posture resulting in physical discomfort from extended periods of sitting. Check out the recliner options provided at HomesToLife and start relaxing to a happier and healthier you!

    Head down to any of our HomesToLife stores to experience our recliners today! 

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