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General Sofa Maintenance Guide

After investing in that sofa, you want to make sure to get your money's worth. With proper use, care and maintenance, your sofa can last for a long time. Follow these few simple do's & don'ts to make the most of your purchase.

HomesToLife Fabric Sofa


✔ Switch around the seating spots from time to time to reduce the uneven wear of seat and back cushions 

✔ Fluff up your seat and back cushions regularly to maintain the shape and comfort of your sofa



✔ To upkeep the upholstery, smoothen any folds or creases in the seats by running your hands firmly over them

✔ Always move your sofa by lifting it at the base

 Cruise Designer Sofa



X Avoid jumping or throwing your weight onto the sofa or use sharp objects near it

X Do not sit on the sofa arms and/or the backrest

X Do not tilt your sofa, push or pull on the armrests and drag it across any surface, especially rough surfaces such as carpets or uneven flooring


Follow these simple guide to keep your sofa in the best condition for longer! Want to know more about maintaining your leather sofa? Find out more in our blog post here.


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