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You can now shop and save more as a HomesToLife customer with HomesToLife Curates! 
Curating like minded retailers who are committed to delivering quality well made products, you can now browse a wider range of home and living products in all HomesToLife stores. Shop our partners' products physically in our stores and enjoy discount perks when making purchases.

Shop with ease, at your own pace, online or in their store. Check out the perks you can enjoy as a HomesToLife customer from the following retail partners:
Created in 1974 with a desire to provide quality and affordable floorings,  Arc Floor marries cost-efficient timber flooring with industry-leading professional service. With more than four decades in the industry, Arc Floor team has generated a remarkable understanding of materials and carries a professional expertise to turn ideas into reality.
HomesToLife's Customer Perks: 
10% off at Arc Floor

Singapore’s leading and established Wallpaper company, Wallhub houses an extensive range of over 10,000+ embellishing wallpaper designs from international design houses (Europe, Korea, Japan and USA) and on-trend in-house custom collections, you’ll be spoilt for choice to pick out the one to set the tone for your home.
HomesToLife's Customer Perks: 
10% off at WallHub

Luzerne is Singapore’s most established ceramics tableware company with their history dating back to 1947. They are the preferred tableware of leading hotels, airlines, dining establishments, guests and homeowners around the world.
HomesToLife's Customer Perks:
30% off at Luzerne

For over 30 years, Light Makers Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s long-standing retailer and solutions finder. An established specialist in varied aspects of lighting, Light Makers has been providing professional support in residential and commercial lighting for all of our valued customers.

HomesToLife's Customer Perks: 
15% off at Light Makers

With 30 years of delivering the quality blinds and curtains to their customers, HM World Group continuously incorporate functionality, quality and aesthetics into their products that compliments any living space. Here in Singapore, you will find the largest collection of curtains and blinds in HM.

HomesToLife's Customer Perks: 
15% off custom curtains and blinds

Kick-starting your clean and healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be difficult! Cleanshades provides onsite specialised upholstery deep cleaning for sofas, mattresses, curtains/blinds and carpet. On top of specialised cleaning, Cleanshades also offers disinfection fogging and wipe-down service. The team prioritise the cleanliness and health of all our customers, ensuring a peace of mind.

 HomesToLife's Customer Perks: 
10% off cleaning services 

At Living DNA, they believe that a rug is truly a foundation of the space. It transforms a house into a home, pulling it together while setting it apart. There is a story in every item chosen, echoing the unique make-up of a home. Living DNA pride in sourcing and producing the finest rugs and home pieces from all over the world. Understanding the unique heritage of each craft, they want to invite their customers into the mind and life of each artisan.

HomesToLife's Customer Perks: 
10% off at Living DNA

marshmalloh is lifestyle startup inspired by travels, architecture & love. Being avid explorers, the founders wanted something tangible to hold on to, something that would evoke memories of a past trip or dream up fantasies of an upcoming adventure. The answer was right in their hands – the everyday throw pillows that we have on our sofas. They are more than just decorative pieces, so why not use them as a canvas to inspire wanderlust?

HomesToLife's Customer Perks: 
10% off their online store