About Our Sofas

*Construction varies by sofa model


Baffled Bags - Multi-channel baffled bags inside of arms,  backs and pillow tops retain position of loose fibre fill and define shapes

Elastic Webbing - Strong wide elastic rubber to provide comprehensive support and soft comfort. Interwoven elastic allows even distribution of weight

No Sag Spring - High carbon and high tensile steel wire to support and distribute weight evenly. Provides a firmer seat comfort than elastic webbing

Polyurethane (PU) foams - Lightweight and highly durable. It also provides a firmer seating than others but also comes in a variety of density for different needs. Foam also help keep the shape of the sofa cushions

Multi-Density Foam Structure - The use of foam of multiple densities creates a more dimensional seating comfort by providing a soft contact upon sitting with a firm base support for long hours of sitting.

Loose Fibre - Provides a plump appearance due to the air spaces and provides a softer seating than foam. Requires plumping after use to restore shape of the cushion. 

Feather - Extremely soft and comfortable, and provides the "sinking in" effect. The cushions adjust to the shape of the body, providing better seat comfort for user. Requires plumping after use to restore shape of the cushion.

Feather & Foam Chips or Fibre Fill - Less expensive alternative to having the comfort of feather filling, complemented with the support provided by the foam chips or fibre.


Electric Recliners

Your sofa may be equipped with a recliner function, which consists of a mechanism that inclines the backrest at various angles. For optimal rest, the footrest should be adjusted to the horizontal position.

Users may activate/deactivate protection button by pressing with pen nib or any sharp point. To recline or retract, ensure that protection button is deactivated. LED indicator will emit green light when power recliner unit is plugged to power point. LED indicator will not emit red light when toggle switch button is activated. LED indicator will not emit any green/red light when power recliner unit is disconnected from power supply.

Manual Recliners

To extend footrest - Pull lever on side of chair that will activate mechanism to extend footrest.

To recline - Extend footrest and lean back. Place both hands behind head, make use of counter balance to facilitate smooth recline into desired position.

To retract - Sit up to allow recliner to return to original upright position.

To return footrest - Push body weight forward and press down legs to return footrest to original locked position.

Sofas with adjustable headrests and armrests

To raise - Lift headrest or armrest upwards. Clicking sound indicates angle lock position.

To lower - Lift headrest or armrest all the way to release angle lock. Push downwards. 


Q. Why do I have markings, wrinkles and scars on my sofa’s leather?
A. They are natural leather characteristics. Please refer to pages 14 and 15 of the Upholstery Care Advice for more information.

Q. Why is my sofa measurement shorter or longer than stated?
A. There will be some marginal difference in the measurements provided as all sofas are handmade. The allowance is usually around +/- 2cm.

Q. Why are my sofa head rests not in alignment?
A. There will be some marginal difference in the measurements provided as all sofas are handmade. The allowance is usually around +/- 5cm

Q. Why does the gap between the moveable part (recliner) and non-moveable section look so wide from the back?
A. The allowance between sections is usually around +/- 5cm for parts to move around freely without risking abrasion. There will be some marginal difference in measurement as the sofa frame is not one entire piece

Q. Why does my sofa recliner (foot rest section) look “wavy, lose or wrinkled” when it is being reclined outwards?
A. Like the skin around our joints (knee, elbow etc.), those areas have what we call ‘loose skin’ to allow for movement like bending and flexing. We will not be able to do so if the skin around those areas is tight. The leather around the moveable area will revert to its original form when the recliner is moved back to its original position.

Q. My sofa comes with piping and sewing/thread designs but they are not in alignment.
A. There will be a marginal difference in alignment due to the natural characteristics of leather as all sofas are handmade. The variance is controlled to be within +/-5cm.