The Best Nursing Chair, designed in Singapore

Designed and sold in Singapore, our Charleston Armchair is the preferred Nursing Chair by mothers in Singapore. Loved by many, Charleston Armchair has brought comfort and ache relieve for many breast feeding mothers. 

Top 5 Benefits of Charleston as a Nursing Chair:

best nursing chair singapore
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Prevents Body Aches and Fatigue

Breastfeeding during the early infant period usually means being stuck to the same position for a long period of time. Without a comfortable nursing chair that provides full spinal support, new mothers usually suffer from bad back and neck aches caused by poor body posture. Prolong periods of bad body posture can also cause long term damage to body. 

With Charleston armchair, breastfeeding mothers don't have to worry about body support and can comfortably nurse, maximising the joy of nursing

Bottle Feeding on Charleston as a Nursing Chair

The benefits of Charleston is not limited to nursing mothers, but also to bottle feeding parents. Newborns can take a long time to finish their feed, thus, it is important to maintain good feeding position to prevent colic in babies. The gentle rocking motion also helps to soothe the baby while they feed.

Having a good nursing chair can also help prevent arm fatigue from prolong feeding. 
Check out Charleston Armchair in leather in Erica Tenggara's Nursery

Maximise Comfort and Rest Time for Mothers

Waking up for late night feed in the early weeks can be mentally and physically draining. Charleston Armchair can help make those late night feeds manageable. Instead of moving back to the bedroom, mothers can recline back and fall asleep easily on Charleston Armchair. With its ergonomically designed back rest and almost flat recline, expect to wake up feeling recharged.

Stay Connected

Staying connected is easy with the USB charging point on the control panel located at the side of the armchair. Plug and use your phone while you recline back effortlessly, with the touch of a button!

Customise your Charleston Armchair you way!

Check out Charleston Armchair in fabric,
customised specially for Nellie Lim's nursery

With over 400 upholstery options, you can customise Charleston into any shade of your choice, in the material you love. 

Leather is best for those who prefer easy clean ups and don't want to worry about allergies, while fabric is perfect for those who loves their seats extra cushy and soft.

How is our rocker different from others?

Charleston's rocker is built differently from traditional nursing chairs. Most nursing chairs use two curve woods as a base, which potentially can cause injuries when the base crushes someone's toes or even toddler's fingers!

Charleston base structure is essentially spring-loaded internally with the chair mounted to the base. The springs control the rocking motion, which makes rocking effortless and safe for children and adults alike. This base also ensures that the chair remains stable during use. 

Best Nursing Chair for Post Caesarean Delivery 

Another feature that many new mothers enjoy about Charleston is how easy it is to stand up from the chair. Charleston leans forward with the body weight, so standing up from the chair is effortless, perfect for post caesarean delivery mothers or grandparents assisting with feeds.

Homestolife Nursing Chair Charleston

Check out Charleston Armchair in leather,
customised specially for Cherri Wong's nursery

Add on the swivel function to Charleston where you can swivel the chair to face the changing pad on the left or swivel to the bassinet on the right without needing to stand up!

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How to purchase?

Bring Charleston home as a ready stock or customise it according to your preference! Customisation options are currently only available in-store. For more information, email us or head to our stores!





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