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Safeguard Fabric for Water Repellent Fabric Sofa

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We understand the importance of the fabric covering for your sofa. Designed for the way you live, Safeguard fabric collections allows you to live boldly, without compromise, providing you and family with a safety net engineered to shield your fabric sofa against common spills and stains.

Now, you can relax and retreat into bliss without worrying about spillage, transforming your home into a sanctuary with comfort, ease and productivity top of mind. 

What makes a water repellant fabric sofa?


Our performance safeguard fabric is covered with a protective coating that forms a water repellent layer on the surface preventing rapid liquid seepage and prevents dirt from penetrating into your fabric sofa.

The protective coating beads liquid on the surface of the covering preventing from being absorbed immediately by the fabric. This allows quick cleaning of the spilled liquid with a soft cloth or paper towel.

How is your selection different from other furniture stores?

Our fabrics are sourced from top international mills and we place high value on ensuring that our fabrics all matches the high quality of the design. All fabrics are specially selected for their designs, materials, and technological properties and undergo rigid testing to meet the high standards we impose on our designs and production.

HTL Safeguard Fabric

HomesToLife's 2022 Safeguard Fabric Collection:

At HomesToLife, we provide you with options and the power to customise your own sofa without compromising on comfort, quality and and style.

How to start customising my fabric sofa?

All our sofas can be customised in Safeguard fabric. You can view the full collection of Safeguard fabric in our stores

Frequently asked questions about Safeguard Fabric Sofa

What is the safeguard water repellent fabric covered with?

There is a protective coating which gives the fabric’s surface hydrophobic properties that prevent liquid penetration.

Are safeguard free from harmful finishes?

Our fabrics are treated with water-based formula and nontoxic, tested and is safe for your family and our planet and are PFCs free.

What is the recommended reaction time to ensure that spillage can be removed?

React as quickly as possible.

As a gauge, a drop of water will remain on top of Safeguard fabric surface for around a minute. However, this may differ with type of fabric (plain or heavily-textured), temperature and kind of spilled liquid and the extend of spillage.

How to clean fabrics with safeguard coating?

Blot the spill gently with kitchen towel, do not press against the fabric. How long do Safeguard properties last on fabric? The water repellents shield may reduce overtime under normal use and abrasion as everything depends on the type of fabric (plain or heavily-textured).

Can the safeguard fabric be washed?

We strongly do not recommend washing as friction that undergo while being washed both in water and in solvents will disorientates the shield. Alcohol, chemicals, soaps or household detergents or unapproved solvents may also reduce the shield effectiveness and cause greater damage to the fabric.

How to quickly remove spilled water?

1) The fabric is coated with a special protective shield creating a water-resistant layer protecting against rapid absorption of liquids.

2) Use a soft cloth or paper towel to gently bolt off the spilled liquid.

3) When water drops are no longer visible, bolt and press the paper towel into the fabric. Repeat steps until the paper towel is dry and allow fabric to air-dry.

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