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Interior Design Trends 2021: Colours of the Year

interior design trends 2021

When looking to make a dramatic change to any interior, colours should be one of the few things to switch up. Playing up the colour schemes is not only a practical way to get around the dullness of a space but is also a wallet-friendly option. However, despite its accessibility, practicality, and affordability, many are still afraid to take the plunge and get creative when combining colours. Even though it pays to be daring with design and home furniture choices, there is no denying that colour combination requires skill to make a positive visual impact on your interior.

Beyond understanding how colours aid in making a dramatic impact on the look and feel of the interior, it is also important to consider the latest interior design and colour trends. Armed with the knowledge on the latest trend, you can kickstart your design venture and factor in other aspects such as your home furniture and textures before deciding on a suitable colour scheme. To guide you through this process, our design experts at HomestoLife have made a colour forecast for 2021.

1. Bright Jewel Tones

Bright Jewel Tones

Saturated and deep, bright jewel tones are perfect for punctuating any space with its vibrancy. Being extra eye-catching, these colours are normally used as accent colours. Pairing well with modern art, neutral colours, and rich textures, they add a touch of luxury to the space.

Colours: Dark navy blue, deep olive green, ochre, and red clay 

2. Neutral Pastels  

Neutral Pastels

Soft and raw, neutral pastels exude a sense of calm into a space with its perfect balance of warmth and coolness. They are great transitional colours, especially when used with other neutral hues in the same pastel palette. Being a subtle colour, they complement a range of funky patterns and home trends too.

Colours: Dusty rose, grey, off-white, mauve, and taupe

3. Bold Pops

Bold Pops

Overwhelming and intimidating – these best describe bold colours. These pops of colour are great for feature walls, contrasting other elements in the space. They are also a great way to experiment with colour blocking, bringing some excitement to the space.

Colours: Gold, aqua blue, pink, turmeric yellow, green foliage, black and aubergine

4. Cool & Organic

Cool & Organic

Embodying some futuristic qualities, cool and organic colours are those that we see on the daily. Threading the line between earthy and jewel tones, they are cooler than the earthy tones with a touch of saturation.

Colours: Sky blue, sage green, forest green, grey, moss, and honey

5. Earthy Tones

Earthy Tones

A great palette to match with the cool organics or jewel tones, earthy tones add warmth to the space with its orange undertones. It is a brilliant colour to add to a space where you seek a comfortable feeling – like your bedrooms.

Colours: Coral, beige, brown sugar, peach, brown-red

Colour Combinations

It may seem like a good idea to use a single colour throughout for consistency. However, to take things up a notch and elevate the design appeal of your homes, a trendy colour combination should be your go-to. By mixing up two or more colours, a playful and adventurous touch is added. However, the wrong combination can make or break the design scheme that you are aiming to achieve.

Two Colours  

When mixing two colours, you should combine the same palette or layer with different ones.

Home Trends Design Idea:

  • Same palette: Beige and brown sugar from the earthy tones go well together
  • Different palette: Moss from cool & organic will go well with ochre from jewel tones

Three Colours

It will only get trickier when combining more colours. To make things more seamless, stick to the same rule mentioned above – combine within the same palette or layer with different palettes.

Home Trends Design Idea:

  • Same palette: Coral, peach, and brown-red from earthy tones will create a cozy atmosphere
  • Different palette: Coral from the earth tones, storm grey from the neutral pastel, and green foliage from the bold pop palette will go well together

How to Incorporate Colour into Your Space

One of the easiest ways to introduce colour into your home, beyond paint, is through contemporary furniture choices widely available in Singapore. Home furniture is a temporary option that can be easily switched out. At HomestoLife Singapore, we allow customers to choose from 200 colours and custom make their own unique sofas. Whether you are going for a vintage feel or a futuristic theme, our range of sofas and home furniture will seamlessly fit into any colour schemes.

For more information on how we can help create your perfect sofa, feel free to visit our stores.

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