HomesToLife Furniture Charmaine Yee chose for her home!

HomesToLife Furniture Charmaine Yee chose for her home!

Charmaine Yee's charming personality and eloquence make her Singapore’s leading emcee. With 20 years of experience, she's adept at moderating large-scale panels, facilitating high-profile events with Ministers and VIPs, and hosting intimate product launches. Her professionalism shines through, whether she's with Hollywood stars or sports icons, making her a reliable and versatile host for any occasion.

Customising HomesToLife Sofa

In Charmaine's home, her living room has transformed into an adventurous playground for her adorable 1-year-old. To create the perfect space, she chose the Lenna sofa, Sherman Armchair, and Merian Kids Armchair from our Fabbrica collection at HomesToLife!

To check out these pieces in person, visit our Leisure Park Kallang store, open daily from 11am to 9pm.

You can check out Charmaine's Reel here to see the furniture comes to live in her home!

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