HomesToLife Furniture Justin Ang chose for his new home!

HomesToLife Furniture Justin Ang chose for his new home!

Justin Ang is a DJ at Mediacorp's English radio station, Class 95, who started his career at the age of 16. Best known for his partnership with Vernon A., they form the award-winning duo The Muttons.

Check out the Santa sofa & Dolphin Armchair videos in our IG page here!

Customising HomesToLife Sofa

Beyond the airwaves, Justin's flair extends to his home, where he's curated a space that harmonizes comfort and style. Recently, he's been customizing his living space with exquisite pieces from HomesToLife, adding his personal touch to every corner.

In the heart of his living room sits the Santa sofa, a luxurious centerpiece that exudes both elegance and comfort. Paired seamlessly with the Radius Coffee Table, Justin has effortlessly achieved a sophisticated yet inviting ambiance.

Venturing onto his balcony, Justin's eye for design shines once more with the addition of the Dolphin Armchair from the Domicil Collection. Complemented by the sleek Radius Side Table, this outdoor oasis is now the perfect spot for unwinding under the sky.


For a closer look at Justin's impeccable taste in home décor, check out the exclusive feature in 8days magazine, where his entire home is showcased in all its splendor.

Immerse yourself in the style and sophistication of Justin Ang's abode, where every element is a reflection of his vibrant personality and impeccable taste.

Images are sourced from 8days magazine. 





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