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Leather is much misunderstood. Here, we debunk 5 common myths surrounding this fine material.

#1 Not feasible around children or pets

Leather’s capacity to stretch and give holds up brilliantly against the rambunctiousness of kids and pets.

(Image Source :Jumpngymnastics) 

#2 Too hot

Indoors and away from direct sunlight, leather stays pleasantly cool during summer as it is porous and can breathe. It adapts to the temperature of its environment.

#3 Hard to maintain or clean

Leather is a breeze to care for, much more than fabric. However, it is easy to get carried away cleaning leather. Rein in the enthusiasm. Leather is like your skin, which is essentially resistant to dirt.

(Image Source :  Manuel-F-O/Getty Images)

Do avoid inappropriate cleaning agents including furniture polish or wax. Instead, gently wipe smooth leather surfaces with a soft cloth to remove any dust, grime or spills.

#4 Expensive

We admit that, upfront, leather furniture costs a pretty penny. But unlike many other materials that get thinner and wear out as time goes by, leather wears in, making it a sound investment to enjoy over decades.

#5 Not durable

Leather, with its old-rich look, only becomes more appealing through the years. Intensifying its character and drawing out is natural patina. How’s that for graceful ageing?



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