Introducing Domicil into Singapore

Welcome Domicil into our little red dot this April! Homestolife is proud to be the exclusive distrubutor for Domicil in Singapore. 

Domicil was founded in Germany, in 1978, with a dream shared by three creative visionaries, Brigitta Jaeggle, Armin Eberlein, and Hans Dahme. Since then, Domicil has become one of Germany’s top luxury brand and synonymous with inspiring dream homes - a promise we remain committed to.

They deliver products that are not just functional, not just beautiful, but also of genuine quality and exceptional value. This means careful selection of quality materials and ISO-certified processes at each production stage. It means leading designers and dedicated craftsmen. Under their direction we craft products of enduring appeal and dependable quality.

That's why they give a 10 year global warranty - confirmation of their total commitment to all customers and of their absolute confidence in their products.

They constantly raise their bar of performance to create an environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and customer centric quality mind-set. In other words, they are vigilant in the selection of materials and adherence to ISO-certified processes at each production stage.

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