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Rug it out!

 A rug is a quick and easy way to pull a space together, creating personality in a remarkably adept fashion. You almost immediately form an affectionate connection with it.

You definitely want one that can hold its own with the interior.

The role of the rug

Balance visual beauty with high functionality. A great rug forms the foundation of a room. It is vital to remember that it could be a focal point of your home for years to come.

  • Enhance décor

Our rug collection comes in dazzling designs, incorporating handwoven fibres, hardy synthetics or lush wools. As a conversation piece in the living room, any rug ought to be large enough to have at least the front legs of a piece of furniture resting on it.

  • Increase safety

Lower the possibility of slipping mishaps, especially in the bathroom. Keep rugs firmly in place with rug liners.

  • Absorb sound

Why mar an idyllic living experience with complaints from neighbours about excessive sound? Rugs are perfect mufflers. At the same time, they disperse echoes

  • Maximise pragmatism

Rugs are miraculous fixers. Wipe out unsightly stains or distracting flooring imperfections. Dirt from the outdoors is also minimised with a welcoming rug at the house entrance.

  • Add comfort

Cold floors are not friends of slipper less feet. Nothing beats scrunching textured warmth in between your toes when your feet hit the deck first thing in the morning.

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