Like Fine Cigars
There are many types of demands you can make of life. Staying true and standing out from the crowd makes perfect sense. Dance to your very own unique tune and make a statement with the Nocturnes. With its sophisticated modern design, reclining functions, charismatic tufted backrest and fold-over M-shaped armrest, Nocturnes appears to be like an aristocrat in a cigar room.

Product Information

2.5-seater leather recliner sofa

W220 x D110-158 x H74-103cm

Product Features

  • Open base design keeps every living space light and airy, and makes cleaning the home easier
  • Unique fold-over M-shaped armrest cradles the arm in various positions
  • Firm back and seat cushions made of high-density, nondeformable foam provides the ultimate support for long periods of sitting
  • No-sag springs, made of high-tensile carbon-steel wire evenly distributes weight for support and seating consistency
  • Adjustable headrest for added comfort and support
Technological Functions
  • Manual or electric recliner function available
  • Zero-wall clearance is a space-saving solution for your home
  • USB charging port available
  • Matching armchair and ottoman
  • 9 configurations
  • Customise as you wish in one of our 16 buttery leather options

Our Style Advisors Recommend

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