Teleport to Denmark
A simple but timeless silhouette paired with bright fabric and a set of natural wooden legs. All the right elements that goes into the making of a classic Danish sofa. Imagine yourself on an open field, embraced by the warmth of the sun in the middle of summer under the Danish clear blue skies. Ah, a teleport machine − that’s what Summer Breeze is.

Product Information

3-seater fabric sofa

W211 x D94 x H88cm

Product Features

  • Open base design keeps every living space light and airy, and makes cleaning the home easier
  • Firm back and seat cushions made of high-density, nondeformable foam provides the ultimate support for long periods of sitting
  • No-sag springs, made of high-tensile carbon-steel wire evenly distributes weight for support and seating consistency
  • Fluffy loose fibre back cushions provide greater comfort and is low in upkeep
  • Back cushions can be moved and adjusted to suit every user’s preferred position
  • Removable cushions make it easy to dust and clean the sofa thoroughly
  • Suitable even for smaller homes, bedrooms, or study rooms
  • Customise our 3-seater with either 2 or 3 seat cushions
  • 12 configurations
  • Customise as you wish in one of our 69 gorgeous fabric options

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