A Graceful Ballerina
She twirls and pirouettes across the ballroom with grace and aplomb. Her sleek body frame and unique pointed V-shaped legs are just like a ballerina - graceful and confident. The seat cushion made of loose fibre and feathers, combined with the channel back and adjustable headrest provides a plush and luxurious comfort that is almost fit for a king or queen. By adjusting the headrest, Maia transforms from her graceful ballerina persona to a chic and edgy fashionista, exhibiting the talent for versatility.

Product Information

L-shape leather sofa

W319 x D106-170 x H71-92cm

Product Features

  • V-shaped legs are the finishing touches to a modern and contemporary piece that is timeless
  • Open base design keeps every living space light and airy, and makes cleaning the home easier
  • High and broad armrest provides support for sitting down or getting up
  • No-sag springs, made of high-tensile carbon-steel wire evenly distributes weight for support and seating consistency
  • Firm back and seat cushions made of high-density, nondeformable foam provides the ultimate support for long periods of sitting
  • Adjustable headrest for added comfort and support
  • Matching armchair and ottoman
  • 22 configurations
  • Customise as you wish in one of our 16 buttery leather options

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L-shape leather sofa
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